About Us

inductPro is an initiative of Safety Concepts Pty Ltd, a leading online  provider of WHS compliance, risk and governance  services.

Safety Concepts was founded in 2007 by Wayne Patterson, after his successful career as CEO of national and global companies. Wayne is a Life Member of the Australian Institute of Management and is a sought after speaker on the subject of strategic leadership.

At Safety Concepts Wayne has brought together some of the best talent to deliver superior solutions to SME , Corporates and Not-For-Profits.

Some time ago he identified that most organisations have inadequate or ad-hoc staff induction processes, with many relying solely on staff just ‘working it out as they go’.

inductPro offers an easy to use  induction system for delivering consistent and compliant inductions online to employees, contractors or visitors. Our inductions are engaging and accessable for all levels.

Anywhere and at anytime!
Safety Concepts is an Australian owned and operated business with all software developed in Australia.

Built on the award winning software platform from Mediasphere our solution is offered both as a hosted solution (Software as a Service) and can be custom built and deployed within an organisation.